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"A conversation with Bill involves self-discovery."

Tom Gill
Unity Enterprises

"Bill exudes confidence. The leadership he provided me boosted my confidence "exponentially."

Jim Haertel
Brew City Redevelop-ment Group, Inc.
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Bill McGinnis, founded Exponential Careers in 1998 following a 15-year career in mergers & acquisitions, business management & profitability consulting, investment analysis, and money management.  

Recognizing his exceptional career growth, friends and acquaintances often sought Bill's advice on career and business matters.  With an interest in providing the best possible advice, and following his analytical nature, Bill began researching the factors that lead to truly great and satisfying careers.  

By the time he founded the Exponential Careers, several years of background work had been completed.  His position as a respected investment analyst, following some of the Country's top corporations, provided frequent and broad access to hundreds of highly successful professionals.  

These CEOs, CFOs, VPs, and middle managers openly shared their career and business experiences. The breadth of their backgrounds, which included sales, marketing, accounting, finance, product development, human resources, and many others, provided perspective into the success factors impacting a vast variety of careers.  Bill was also able to leverage more than a decade of examining the business performance of a wide variety of companies and industries, including manufacturing, distribution, and sales organizations.

The key question he posed - What makes for a great company or a great career?  The answers provided the foundation for Exponential Careers.

In addition to extensive research, Bill's career development approach also comes from first-hand knowledge.  In his own career, he has recruited, hired, fired, managed, and trained.  He has been employed by a professional partnership, employee-owned company, closely held company, and public corporations. 

He has guided CFOs and CEOs through career-changing acquisitions and restructurings.  He understands the implications of these major corporate events on businesses, careers, and lives at all levels.

He knows the trauma and opportunity of corporate change as it relates to careers.  Whether the issue is career development, corporate downsizings, the impact of mergers, or the globalization of the economy, Bill has been there firsthand.

Quoted in Forbes, Fortune, Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, and other major publications, Bill's assessments and opinions have been widely sought.

He draws upon his unique professional background to provide clients with sound, practical guidance in the areas of career and business development. 

In addition to his focus on Exponential Careers, Bill continues to be active in the investment business as an expert witness for securities and investments cases through W. McGinnis Advisors.